Shipping and Returns

Shipping Times

Most orders placed before 4pm on weekdays UAE time will ship out the same day. Delays in payment or changes to orders may delay shipment.

Orders are shipped out in the order they are received. Mail is not picked up on Fridays, nor does our shipping team package orders or print labels. Therefore, most orders from Thursday night, and all day Friday, will ship out Sunday; unless Sunday is an observed holiday.

Many of our orders placed during business hours during the week ship out extremely quickly.

Please do not place orders till you are sure they are as you want. We often cannot catch orders before going out if you want to cancel or change them.

We also do not have systems in place to hold orders till a later date. As such, please do not place orders with comments requesting them being held to a later date.

Our processes are in place to get shipments out as fast as we possibly can. Holds, changes, and cancellations are not guaranteed to be addressed before your original shipment goes out.

Please make sure everything is correct, and that you actually want to place an order, before completion. This will allow our team to do what we do best, and get shipments out to our customers quickly.

Due to order volumes on the days where our office is closed, there can be times where your order may be delayed by an extra business day.

Shipping Types

Our Standard Mail option uses Fetchr eCommerce as a carrier, which then sends you a notification to schedule the delivery location. There are no extra fees or information needed. You may select other shipping types (if applicable). However, please be aware of the required information needed for those shipping types, and possible extra fees when using DHL, or FedEx as a carrier.