Noopept 30mg Capsules

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Best for:
Anxiety, Energy, Focus, Learning, Memory
Typical Dose:
10–20 mg
30–60 minutes

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What is Noopept Capsules?

Noopept is a powerful, fast-acting nootropic that's an efficient brain booster and a potent neuroprotectant. It's similar in structure to Piracetam but up to 1,000 times more potent.

Noopept Benefits and Uses

  1. Supports Memory & Learning
  2. Neuroprotective & Promotes Longevity (Anti-Aging)
  3. Supports Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) & Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)
  4. Improves Association Between Brain Hemispheres

Learn more about the benefits, effects, dosage, side effects, user experiences, and the most frequently asked questions by reading the Noopept research available on Nootropics Information: The Ultimate Nootropics Wiki.

Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please read the available research and understand the associated risks before handling. If you are uncertain of the appropriate handling methods, please consult a qualified professional. Misuse of this product may result in adverse reactions.


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