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Pramiracetam is a stimulating racetam nootropic that boosts cognition and improves memory, increases concentration, learning capacity, and supports engaging in, and maintaining prolonged focus sessions.


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What Are Pramiracetam Capsules?

Pramiracetam is one of the best-selling nootropics today due to being the highest in potency out of all racetam nootropics. It has a distinctive mechanism of action that allows for efficient utilization of brain capabilities, thereby improving memory recall, learning capacity, concentration, and focus. Serves as an excellent supplement on its own and furthermore, a powerful potentiator to other nootropics, intensifying as well as prolonging effects. It is quickly rising towards a well-deserving reputation for its profound effects.

What Are Pramiracetam Benefits?

  • Enhances Overall Cognitive Function
  • Enhances and Supports Memory
  • Reduces Depression and Anxiety
  • Increases Learning Capacity
  • Increases Sense of Clarity
  • Promotes Social Fluency
  • Enhances Sensory Perception
  • Aids Memory Restoration

How To Take Pramiracetam?

Recommended Pramiracetam dosage is 1200 mg per day, split into two 600 mg or three 400 mg doses throughout the day.

Where to Buy Pramiracetam Capsules?

Nootro.info offers 30ct jars of high quality Pramiracetam capsules. All products are lab tested for product purity and identity. All stocked orders in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE ship within 24-hours!

Pramiracetam Reviews and User Experiences

Read Pramiracetam reviews and user experiences on this page: Pramiracetam: Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and FAQs.


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1 review for Pramiracetam 300mg Capsules

  1. Jeremi

    This is the nootropic I use when I need to study and be very focused. I am also prone to a little low mood if my choline levels are too high I have noticed this helps with that because once I take it i assum a lot of choline is used because the low mood is ameliorated.

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