Nootropics Quicklook

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) What is ALCAR? Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a popular multi-functional nutrient, amino acid type nootropic. It benefits the body and brain. A potent antioxidant and neuroprotectant, and a powerful energizing nootropic that promotes anti-aging and longevity. Acetyl-L-Carnitine Benefits Enhances Brain Function and Stamina Provides Neuroprotection Against Brain Cell Death Restores Cognitive Function and Repairs Impairment Support … Read more

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If you’d like to publish a guest post for the Nootropics Information blog, you’re in the right place. Please read through a few things to consider: You should already be a Nootropics Information blog reader and know why your idea(s) will benefit the rest of our community. We only accept entries from individuals (and not … Read more

Nootropics UAE

Kindly note that the Nootropics UAE webstore has moved to a new website domain and is now accessible on Nootropix Nootropics UAE Express-Shipping Cash on Delivery Shop Now Frequently Asked Questions Where is your Nootropics Store based? We are an e-commerce based store, and our office is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. However, we don’t … Read more

Best Adderall Alternatives

In a fast, competing world, it’s only natural to want to strive for more. When it comes to cognitive enhancement, you often hear of Adderall. Here is a few other alternatives to consider.

6 Best Natural Nootropic Supplements

Whether you’ve just come across the term ‘Nootropics’ and wondering what the hell it means, or you’ve been supplementing with them for a long time already, the following guide is insightful for both cases.

Israel Approves MDMA ‘Compassionate Use’ to Treat PTSD

Israel’s Ministry of Health has approved the use of MDMA, a psychoactive drug, for use on dozens of patients, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. While the drug is still on the country’s law books as dangerous for recreational use, it is now being administered as treatment for compassionate use.

Do Smart Drugs Really Work?

Nootropics are drugs, supplements and other substances believed to enhance brain power. There are nootropics designed to boost memory, concentration, motivation and even happiness. The term encompasses a number of substances, both natural and synthesised, over the counter and prescription, legal and illegal. The common kitchen spice turmeric can be a nootropic, but so can Ritalin and even LSD.