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  • Nootropics List: this page lists all and every nootropic or supplement published on Nootropics Information ascending from newest to oldest. If you want to get more specific, you may browse to the type pages. For example:
  • Racetams 101: this page will show you all the racetams nootropics. It’s your one-stop-shop for everything and anything related to Racetams such as Aniracetam, Piracetam, Fasoracetam, Coluracetam, as well as an introduction to racetams, and most common FAQs.
  • Natural Herbs: this page will show you the collection of the natural nootropics, for those who prefer supplementing with natural nootropics only. Examples would be Ashwagandha, and Bacopa Monnieri. You may also find the post 10 Best Natural Nootropics which is based on data from Nootropics Depot – a very well-established and admired vendor.
  • Amino Acids: this page, by now you know, will show you all the amino acid type nootropics such as L-Theanine. Don’t get confused by the unfamiliar names and words like N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, for example. It’s just L-Tyrosine really. But an Acetylated version of it, which after adding the acetyl group to it, increases its bioavailability. You will also notice the acetyl addition with Acetyl-L-Carnitine amongst other few. In the same way, you can browse to pages of certain use. For example:
  • Memory: this page will show you all the nootropics that are beneficial and has an effect on the memory, whether enhances overall thought-process, or improves the formation of memories, or maybe the recall speed.
  • Anxiety: this page will show you all the nootropics that are proposed to work on relieving anxiety – it can include anything from social anxiety, to fight-or-flight, and to a further extend conditions such as PTSD.
  • Stress: on the same fashion, this will show you the nootropics for stress-relief. Although often, the content of the Anxiety page would also show up on the Stress page due to the commonalities between the two conditions.
  • Nootropics Blog: this is our blog page where we share content from all over the web as long as we think it is useful, insightful, and will benefit our readers in one way or another. If you would like to contribute, or share an article on Nootropics Information’s blog, drop us a line and we will get in touch with you at the soonest.
  • Nootropics FAQ: this page is continuously updating and progressing to becoming the ultimate frequently asked questions page on the subject on Nootropics. It also serves as a nice read for a curious mind, especially because the questions were asked by random and different people from all over the world, as well as answered by random and different people from all over the world – except with a bit of knowledge on the question given.

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Over the past two years of running the website, the following pages have constantly remained the top and most visited pages in the the following order:

Nootropics Video Library

For those with a preference of hearing the content, you may browse through Nootropics Information YouTube channel where the research is spoken (TTS) in order to make the data as accessible as possible, whatever is doable will be done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The original definition when the term ‘nootropics’ was coined, was this: “Nootropics (often called things like cognitive enhancers, smart drugs, brain boosters, etc) are supplements, drugs, super-foods that improve brain functions. They boost cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration.” However, the term gradually expanded to mean cognitive enhancers with little-to-no side effects and toxicity.

Yes. Nootropics are safe. However, today, the word nootropics is not as exclusive as it used to be as when first discovered. Although they are safe, that should not be sufficient for you to assume any product you buy is going to be safe just because it says the word nootropic on it.

By definition, yes. Nootropics are legal.In fact, it is one of the standards for a substance to meet, in order to be universally acknowledged as a Nootropic. However, we all know that only few companies still go with that definition of what makes a nootropic, and therefore, there is almost always a legality questions coming up, and often risk involved, in the process of purchasing nootropics online. Especially when living in a country or city with strict importing and exporting laws.

Each nootropic has a different way of working, which is called mechanism of work. Moreover, nootropics on their separate pages have a benefits and effects section as well as a ‘how it works,’ in which each is addressed. Nootropics work by modulating neuronal metabolism, cerebral oxygenation, neurotransmitter availability, increasing neurotrophic factors and by affecting other cellular processes. If you’re wondering about the mechanism of work, you can visit any of the pages, for example, click on Mechanism of Action and it will redirect you to the Acetyl L-Carnitine page, in which section #3 explains the exact way that nootropic works within our body…or brains.

Side effects from most nootropics are rare. But like all drugs and supplements, nootropics do have potential side effects. These can range from a mild headache to a full-blown allergic reaction. By some definitions, nootropics should not have any serious side effects. And most nootropics seem to be pretty safe for most people. But, like anything you put in your body, they can have unwanted results. Some unlikely but possible side effects are:

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions are very rare, but they can potentially happen. This is true not only of nootropics but of anything you put in your body.

Yes. Visit this page (now available as Nootropix) for more details or to order nootropics anywhere in the UAE, with next day delivery in most cases.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a popular multi-functional nutrient, amino acid type nootropic. It benefits the body and brain. A potent antioxidant and neuroprotectant, and a powerful energizing nootropic that promotes anti-aging and longevity.

Adrafinil is a stimulating nootropic that fights fatigue, increases the brain’s capacity of processing information, boosts energy, as well as enhances subjective well-being. It metabolizes in the body into the widely popular Modafinil. It’s a useful supplement for pulling through long, mentally demanding tasks, learning new topics, or working in shifts as opposed to fixed schedule.

Agmatine Sulfate is an amino acid that offers a wide of cognitive boosting benefits. It also has excellent effects on reducing neuropathic pain, as well as drug addiction habits. It is neuroprotectant and can reduce tolerance built to many medications like benzodiazepines, morphine, and other painkillers. It also synergizes with SSRI’s & cannabis.

Alpha-GPC is a natural choline compound. It works on its own as a powerful memory booster. In combination with other nootropics, it works as a potentiating agent boosting cognitive capabilities. It’s also used as a milt stimulant to boost energy and power output when exercising. Furthermore, it promotes cell regeneration and offers neuroprotection against cognitive decline.

Wikipedia, Examine, and Reddit (Nootropics subreddit) are good resources. Reddit is the most active and where discussions are held. You can also check out our Nootropics blog.

For a complete list of the most frequently asked questions on Nootropics, please visit The Ultimate Nootropics FAQ Page.