Best Natural Nootropics

6 Best Natural Nootropic Supplements

Whether you’ve just come across the term ‘Nootropics’ and wondering what the hell it means, or you’ve been supplementing with them for a long time already, the following guide is insightful for both cases. William Cole, a “functional medicine practitioner” (a term I haven’t heard until today but very intrigued by for sounding very promising) wrote as an introduction to compilation: Brain and neurological problems have reached the highest numbers… Read More »6 Best Natural Nootropic Supplements
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Israel Approves MDMA ‘Compassionate Use’ to Treat PTSD

Israel’s Ministry of Health has approved the use of MDMA, a psychoactive drug, for use on dozens of patients, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. While the drug is still on the country’s law books as dangerous for recreational use, it is now being administered as treatment for compassionate use.
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Do Smart Drugs Really Work?

Nootropics are drugs, supplements and other substances believed to enhance brain power. There are nootropics designed to boost memory, concentration, motivation and even happiness. The term encompasses a number of substances, both natural and synthesised, over the counter and prescription, legal and illegal. The common kitchen spice turmeric can be a nootropic, but so can Ritalin and even LSD.
Fasoracetam ADHD FDA Approval

FDA Approves Fasoracetam as ADHD Treatment

Remember all the notes following descriptions of Fasoracetam when it was first coming around as a "potential ADHD treatment", but the FDA delaying approval, and being stuck at stage 3 trials for what seems like 20 years? Check this out. It seems to have finally received the FDA's approval as a "non-stimulant ADHD Treatment"
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10 Best Natural Nootropics of 2018

Nootropics Depot published a list of the Best Natural Nootropics of 2018 based on market sales, polls, and other consumer data. This is my retake and thoughts on the list, as a returning customer for 2 years.